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Desire to Inspire Studios was founded by Trevor Henley in 2016, originally operating as Henley Photography since 2006. Desire to Inspire Studios was created to be able to achieve a worldly goal of being able to create a photography company that would be an international model for photographers to pursue their passion of photography while giving back to their communities and helping non profit organizations pursue their passions of being people helping people.

Desire to Inspire Studios was also created to provide a platform for aspiring photographers to learn the trade of photography, understand the business of photography, and to inspire each photographer to pursue the photography career they desired. Desire to Inspire Studios has grown from Trevor Henley, to an admin team, a full time photographer (videographer), many independent photographers, and a non profit arm called D2IS Foundation.

Trevor Henley, Founder

Trevor Henley has been a professional photographer since 1999, right out of high school doing school portraits, kids sports photos, architectural, and landscape photography. In 2005 he wrote a business plan that included building regional offices of portrait photography studios to be able to train other photographers how to take portraits for a living. Little did he know then, that running a legitimate business was completely different than just
being a great photographer.

Trevor got his first business license and officially started business January 1st 2006. 3 Months later he joined a BNI chapter in San Rafael and started to operate Henley Photography focused solely on business portraits for real estate agents. While pursuing portraits for real estate agents, Trevor’s skills and clients, quickly grew to encompass a variety of portrait, architectural, product, fashion, and non profit event photography avenues of services.

In 2007, Trevor was invited to join The Rotary Club of Terra Linda because of his dedication to giving back to the community through the avenue of photography. Trevor’s commitment to giving back to the community, his experiences within Rotarians along with Rotary Mission trips, the philosophy of BNI-Givers Gain, and the never ending support from his community inspired him to start a new venture.

Trevor founded Desire to Inspire Studios, LLC with the mission to tell stories of people helping people through amazing visuals of photography and videography while inspiring people to give back to their local communities.

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Trevor’s Experience with BNI

Our Team

We are comprised of a collective of artists and change-makers set out to help tell the stories of people helping people. While we only have a few full-time crew members, we also have many trusted photographers and interns who help us capture stories.

Ra Feasby
Operations Director

Ra is an integral part of our Desire to Inspire Studios team. Helping to maintain our photo and event schedule, office administration, emails, and more, Ra helps to Desire to Inspire thrive.

Cesar Cruz
Director of Videographer

Cesar’s creative talent never ceases to amaze us. His professional videography and editing skills help us capture the stories of people helping people all over. Cesar puts his heart into all of his work and our clients can’t help but love him and be inspired by his passion.

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