2020 Small Business of the Year Award

Desire to Inspire Studios is honored to have been nominated and awarded as the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce Honoree for 2020 Small Business of the Year Award. Desire to Inspire Studios is a business and a family. Each team member is equally vital to the success of our company and the services we provide to our clients, as we know that there is so much more we can all do together than we could ever do individually on our own. Trevor is ever appreciative and grateful to Cesar Cruz, Ra Feasby, Nikki Henley, and his son Colt Henley, for the support and passion they all have for the company and the community. We are always amazed at Trevor Henley’s unending drive to support us as we expand both professionally and personally. We are inspired by his dedication to giving back to the community and continuing his mission of telling stories of people helping people.